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an itty bitty gnome
trying to take over the world
Mon/ 06.07.10 04:34 pm(no subject)
I am contemplating moving to worgen because...it a cool name? idk. Will contemplate and maybe look for a layout!
Sat/ 05.29.10 03:04 am - yawn
Somehow it became 3AM. Oops. I have been thinking about poking at this thing again but I might move to another journal. There was a point I did that a lot but that was several years ago when I was glued to my LJ all day long. We'll see what happens. For now I might content myself with a new header to go with the icon I just made. The problem is I forgot I bought a new computer since I used this thing last so I have to transfer all my artsy stuff and download new fonts. >_
Fri/ 05.28.10 07:15 pm(no subject)
Tue/ 11.03.09 08:22 pm(no subject)
Just dropping in to let you guys know that I'm working on TWO blogging projects. One is for my rogue and the other for my paladin. There is a distinct difference in nature. The rogue blog is geared toward documenting my last trip through Azeroth before it changes in Cataclysm while the paladin blog is just my two cents on all things Paladin.

Steps in Shadow: rogue blog

Illumination: paladin blog

Yes, they use the same template. I'm being lazy. I think when I have a minute I will tinker with the default template but for now, eh.
Sat/ 10.24.09 09:06 am(no subject)
This is more a resource for me since I am at work and looking up stuff to get my baby Droo ready for being a bear. I think I want her to be a bear. The problem is I can't really decide. Part of me wants to be a bear because I think it would be fun and different but, at the same time, I want to be a BOOOOOMKIN. I don't have a caster, currently because I don't think my Holy Paladin counts so being a different dps would be interesting. The natural dual-spec to this, I think, would be a tree. Now, I have a healer but being a tree is quite intriguing and a completely different feel from being a Holy Paladin. Maybe that would be safer considering I know how to heal. For some reason the thought of tanking doesn't sit well with me because it seems more important than a healing role and I wouldn't want a group to fuck up because I can't growl loud enough. But...a bear! Maybe I will Bear/Boomkin.

Anyway, some guide links to help me while I decide.

WOTLK Pre-Raid gear of note

Feral & Balance Leveling Guide

HOW TO-Druid Tanking in WOTLK

Bear Tanking in 3.2.2 and beyond!

Moonkin Beginner Guide

Raiding Basics: Moonkin Druid

Oh, and a Cat DPS guide, Definitive Cat DPS and FAQ and Kitties Common Mistakes for Gwen.
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