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an itty bitty gnome
trying to take over the world
Sat/ 10.17.09 01:35 pm - I feel like a bad healer
runaways dino
Not because I've let stupid shit happen but because I read this interview from World of Raids about Protek from Ensidia.




45 keybindings?? There are 26 letters in the alphabet so everything has to be stacked on top of a shift or an alt key combo. Unless that takes into consideration mouse bindings, too. But, I can't even think of half that many things to keybind. Now, granted we are talking about 2 different caliber players here. Protek heals the best progression guild in the game...and gets paid for it so he has time to sit there and think of best strategies but the bit about the Beacon target switching to allow for an INSTANT HEAL. OH MY GOD, it's so genius it's sexy. I didn't know Beacon had that kind of delay time and worse still, I can't imagine a scenario to apply that to. I also didn't know about the Sacred Shield multipliers so the second set of healing gear just blew me out of the water. RIGHT OUT OF THE WATER. Spellpower adjusting the absorption of Sacred Shield? I DID NOT KNOW THAT. I know the higher spell would give you a bigger Flash for a bigger hot but I didn't know the other bit.

I WANT TO PLAY MY PALADIN. If only I had the nerve to ask raid holy paladins for some pointers. WAH.
Thu/ 10.08.09 08:41 am(no subject)
I'm trying to catch up on patch notes and whatever for 3.3 and came across some interesting stuff for those of you who haven't looked yet.

Hippogryphs getting a walk animation

Divine Sac getting the nerf bat. Good thing I didn't respec yet! Not that I really raid enough to justify not critting on EVERY HEAL. Jeez.

Some Tier 10 previews. the rogues look like that 9 movie. Death Knight, Drood, Hunter (...I have no words...just...good lord, ew) and Warrior.

So far only the Rgue looks promising.

Oh, and the most awesome change of all...everything will be Emblems of Triumph and end game content will be the new Emblems of Frost. That doesn't get me the shield I desperately desire but HOLY SMOKES, BATMAN.
Sat/ 10.03.09 09:47 am(no subject)
blood elf

Lots of WoW and my sister is in from Hawaii so between that and my dog the school attendance is suffering just a tad. Not that I particularly care. I didn't realize it would be such a bitch going after already getting my degree. Blah.

We should rename our guild as I think someone said in vent last night. Klub Kodo or something equally awesome. Maybe its because the same 4 people do it everytime but holy crap. Our tally thus far is 6 Brewfest kodos and 2 rams. We haven't even done it everyday! How are alts suffered when we were in Arizona.

Speaking of which, I have to look for my Daemons later and then play since I don't think I remember fantasy rules.

I hope we get this lucky when Halloween comes around.

Sat/ 09.19.09 12:11 pm - In not so WOW news
There are awesome things I would like to share from the World of Warcraft. Mainly awesome and happy things like this video of the new Pandaren Monk companion on PTR or the video about the Corehound pup. But even though I managed to swing those in here, I've been sad since yesterday and I guess since I have a free moment at work I was looking at my email and noticed my mom sent me some old pictures. Old in the context of, probably, four years old. They're under the cut and it's my baby, her name is Friday.

PicturesCollapse )
Sat/ 09.12.09 10:08 am - Blah, not dead
I'm so sporadic on this damn thing. I've been caught up in trying to find a job and then I get sad that I haven't found one and drown myself in the World of Warcraft. Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of fun in the game but it's a lot easier to get lost when you're trying to forget you have no money.
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